The İnegöl meatball is a kind of meatball which is greatly enjoyed in Turkey. İbrahim Besler, the son of Mustafa, who is a member of the Köfteciler family that has migrated from the Pazarcık district, state of Filibe in Bulgaria to Bursa''s district of İnegöl, has started to prepare this meatball which is known with the Besler İnegöl meatball from the meat of animals which are bred on skirts of Uludağ.

The lamb by 20% and cattle ribs by 80% are used in the İnegöl meatball. The meat is firstly rested and then cooked. According to the İnegöl meatball recipe published in the Official Gazette, some red pepper, black pepper, cumin, pimento, garlic, milk, onion and bread crumbs are put into the minced meat in the process of preparing the meatball. One should pay attention to shape the meatball in maximum 2-cm thickness, with the same shape and size. It is served along with bean salad.

There are meatball restaurants on two sides of the road and in city center on the way from Bursa to İnegöl. The İnegöl Chamber of Commerce and Industry has received the İnegöl meatball Geographical sign registration from the Turkish Patent Institute (TPE) on March 4, 2006. Now not all restaurants are able to serve this meatball, but those who undertake to comply with the TPE standards and possessing a license will be able to sell the İnegöl meatball.

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